Website is up…. yes finally

New site is up. For all those people who have been asking for a long time that I post my code and wiring diagrams. Well now I am.

This blog site will co-exist with my YouTube channel ‘Beardor Tech’. The idea is to have all the technical documentation here so anyone who would like to know can follow along.

Thanks guys, any suggestions or comments please let me know.

One thought on “Website is up…. yes finally

  1. Hello ,
    I have question:
    # — Pins — #
    pwrPin = 17
    batPin = 4

    is it good ? Pin 17 have conected to Low Battery and pin 4 to Base trasnistor ( control power).

    1. Hi,

      Originally I had the pins incorrect on the code. I have fixed it now. Sorry for the confusion.
      So it is pwrPin = 4 and batPin = 17

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